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From December 31, 2021, all logistics shipping units delivered to must contain GS1 label(s) with the 'serial shipping container code' - also known as the SSCC label. Read below what exactly that means. Make sure you also read this page carefully, here you can read how to correctly send your shipment including SSCC including shipping label with SSCC to

Our EDI-partner

Our EDI partner Transus will actively support suppliers to integrate the SSCC data into their DESADV messages. If this is convenient for you, Transus offers (for a fee) an option to generate SSCC labels for you. Contact Transus for help with SSCC by creating a support ticket in the Transus Portal or by sending an email to

How do I create a shipmentlabel including SSCC?

Unlike a supplier who works with the SCP, suppliers with an EDI connection must compose a shipping label themselves that meets the GS1 standards for a shipping label including SSCC and the requirements that sets for shipping labels in the delivery conditions. There are a number of rules that GS1 imposes that the shipping label must comply with, these are;

An SSCC code consists of 18 digits, these 18 digits are made up of:
  • Extension digit. Used to increase the serial number range of the SSCC identifier -> free to use for assigning party
  • GS1 Company Prefix. The GS1 prefix of the party creating the SSCC code
  • Serial Number. Freely enterable serial number to uniquely identify a logistics unit. It is recommended to use ascending numbers. No reuse within 12 months
  • Check digit. Calculated check digit based on the first 17 digits of the SSCC code

Lay-out of the shipmentlabel

All GS1 rules that the shipping label must comply with can be found on the GS1-webpage. Visit this page of more detailed information.

1. Preferred lay-out of the label

  • Clearly marked “From” and “To” at the top of the label
  • In the middle of the label the SSCC code and the packing list number
  • At the bottom of the label the SSCC barcode + the code written separately
  • GS1-128 barcodes should be distinguished from Code 128 barcodes by the use of: the special function 1 character (FNC1) after the start character
  • Label size must be A5 or A6

2. The letter size of all text on the label must be at least 3 mm in size, please note that we are NOT talking about font size but about actual size

3. The letter size for the middle part of the label (the SSCC code and the packing list number) must be at least 7 mm in size and in UPPERCASE. Please note that we are NOT talking about font size but about actual size

4. Make sure your packing list number is clearly stated on the label and also indicates that it concerns the packing list. eg; PACKLIST: EXAMPLE BOL.COM123

5. When writing down the SSCC code in the middle field of the label, it is important that it is also stated that it is an SSCC code. eg; SSCC:081201201212102125

6. Barcodes on a GS1 label must comply with the following rules:

  • The barcode can not be longer than 165 mm or 48 datapoints
  • We advice to have a barcode of at least 32 mm in hight
  • The narrowest stripe 1.016 mm wide (x-dimention)
  • Barcodes should be printed with quiet zones (or light margins) on each side. The quiet zones must be at least 10X dimension (10X) wide. Centered barcodes ensure that: Quiet zones are respected

View the example below of an A6 label that meets the GS1 and the requirements handy when creating your own label. This is a label of a mono pallet. Of course, mixed pallets can also be supplied.

Please note: the blue area’s are manditory when delivery to

An example of a multi pallet

Pre-announce via a DESADV-Message incl. SSCC

It is important to consider the points below in order to correctly send a DESADV message including SSCC.

  • For suppliers with an EDI link, the SSCC must be stated in the DESADV message.
  • Be sure to refer to the EDI manual to get more information on how to handle the SSCC in the DESADV
  • Transus is the first point of contact for problems/questions regarding SSCC and EDI. Contact Transus for help with SSCC by creating a support ticket in the Transus Portal or by sending an email to
  • SSCC codes must be sent without AI (Application Identifier) in the EDI pre-notification. The AI is not part of the SSCC code.

Have you created a shipping label including SSCC and a pre-notification via a DESADV message including SSCC? Go to this page to find out how to prepare your shipment for departure, including the shipping label with SSCC.

Need additional support?

Do you have specific questions about EDI and SSCC? Please contact the EDI team by sending an email to

Wondering if the label you’ve put together meets the GS1 guidelines? You can contact GS1 Netherlands, they have a support desk that you can approach for questions.

Have you gone through the explanations on this and the other web pages about SSCC, but your question is still not answered? Please contact Supplier services. (



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