What is an SSCC?

From December 31, 2021, all logistics shipping units delivered to bol.com must bear GS1 label(s) with the 'serial shipping container code' - also known as the SSCC label. Read below what that means exactly.

What is an SSCC?

SSCC is an abbreviation of ‘serial shipping container code’ and is industry standard to add to a shipping label to enable tracking & tracing. The wide and diverse range that bol.com carries requires a streamlined way of working, so bol.com chooses to follow the industry standard around (among other things) shipping labels.

Both suppliers who work with the SCP and suppliers who have an EDI link must work with an SSCC. For suppliers with an EDI link, this means that the SSCC must be stated in the DESADV message.

This obligation can also be found in the delivery conditions.

The shipmentlabel including SSCC

Have you read carefully how to generate/format a shipping label including SSCC on one of these help pages? (EDI or SCP). Then you are all set to read the steps below carefully and send your shipment including shipping label with SSCC to bol.com in the right way.

Deliver per pallet

Are you delivering per pallet? Then each pallet must have 2 GS1 shipping labels including SSCC. Each load carrier is identified by a unique SSCC code.

1. Place the first label at the top right on one of the long sides of the pallet

2. Place the second label at the top right on one of the short sides of the pallet

3. A pallet will therefore always be provided with only 2 shipping labels, do not stick labels on each box.

4. The shipping label should be placed on the outside of the plastic wrap and the information on the label should not be covered (including a possible carrier's shipping label)

Delivering via parcel

Do you deliver via separate parcel? Then only 1 GS1 shipping labels including SSCC need to be stuck on the parcel. Each load carrier is identified by means of a unique SSCC-code.

1. Make sure that the shipping label is always clearly visible and scannable (even if there is packaging material or plastic film around the box)

2. Please note! Each load carrier must have unique shipping labels. So do not use a SSCC-code for multiple load carriers

  • Each load carrier must have a unique shipping label. So do not use a shipping label for multiple load carriers
  • Bol.com considers a stacked pallet (double stacked pallet) to be a stack of separate shipping units, each of which should have two shipping labels
  • We request that only the primary load carrier be provided with SSCC pre-announcement and coding; this also applies to pallets containing different products or mixed/colored pallets
  • It must be clear to the Fulfillment Center which label needs to be scanned. This means that in case of multiple labels – as a result of, for example, labels from suppliers or carriers, these must be removed or taped

Need additional support?

Would you like to validate your SSCC-code? Please contact supplier services by emailing supplier@bol.com.

Have you gone through the explanations on this and the other web pages about SSCC, but your question is still not answered? Please contact Supplier services.