Connecting and uploading offer feed

Do you need help connecting to the FTP server and uploading the offer feed? Then read the steps below.

Access to the FTPS server

IP address

In order to access the FTP of the external IP address of your location needs to be whitelisted. Would you like to know more about this? Then click here.

Firewall blockade

In order to get access to the FTP, there should not be any firewall blocking. Do you want to know more about this? Then click here.

Login to the FTPS server (FileZilla)

Standard Connections gives you the login details for the FTPS server. In case you lost them, mail to Don’t forget to mention your Username. The password can then be reset.

Follow the screenshots below to log in:

1. Click on File and then choose Site Manager.

2. Choose New Site and give it a name, for example ''.

Then fill in the login details and choose the options below*.

3. Then check if the transfer settings are correct

Go to the “Transfer Settings” tab and make sure the “Passive” option is selected.

4. Then press 'OK' to save the settings and press 'Connect'.

After the first manual login, you can then use the Site Manager to choose the saved Site. You can then log on to the FTPS server, without having to re-enter your login details.

FTP folders