How should the offer feed be entered?

Do you need help in entering the offer feed? Are the articles not appearing properly in the portal? What you should look out for is listed below.

Required fields

In addition, a distinction is made between ‘required’ and ‘non-required’ columns. If one of the required columns is missing, the offer feed will not be processed.

File type

  • Excel (.xlsx):an Excel file is the most suitable format if you are manually copying and providing information from your own systems. If you choose Excel, make sure the first tab is called ‘Offer’. Extra tabs will not be read by the system.
  • Text (.txt, tab is separator) – UTF-8 or ANSI encoded: if you can export data automatically from your own system, a Text file is the most suitable format.
The following fields are mandatory to make the offer available for purchasing
  • Internal Reference
  • Product Reference
  • Product Classification
  • Net Purchase Price
  • Currency
  • VAT
  • Max Delivery Time
  • Order Quantity

Other aspects:

  • Save the file name as follows: Supplier name, offer feed date in figures YYYYMMDD. Example: Supplier offer feed 20210101
  • Save the file with the following extension: .xlsx or .txt (tab is separator).
  • The column and tab names are part of the fixed template, do not change them. If you provide the offer feed in Excel, make sure that the first tab is called ‘Offer’ (case sensitive).
  • Formulas are permitted provided they refer to information in the same file. The formulas are allowed to refer to other tabs. Formulas that refer to other files cause an account block.
  • If you want to use additional columns, you may add them after the last column. The additional columns are not processed as the system will not recognise the column names.
  • If you want to link products, for example by topic or clothing sizes, please contact your Content Specialist.

Delivery method

  • The offerfeed needs to be uploaded on the FTPS server of or through the supplier portal.
  • The processing of the offerfeed takes +/- 30 minutes. We therefore advise you not to deliver the automatic offerfeed more than once per hour.
  • The expected delivery frequency differs per type of supplier*.

* For stock-only suppliers, we expect a weekly offerfeed, taking into account the ordering days of your Supply Chain Specialist.

* For cross-dock suppliers, we expect a daily automated offer feed (on working days, at least three times a day), so that we can maintain a good
delivery reliability towards our customers