Deleting a pre-announcement

It is possible to remove a pre-announcement under certain conditions

Pre-announcements plays a big role in’s logistics landscape. With a pre-announcement, the logistics side knows which products will be delivered when. Invoices are also created on the basis of the pre-announcement. A correct pre-announcement is therefore of significant importance.

It can happen that a pre-announcement no longer matches the composition of the shipment for whatever reason. An item is not in stock after all, the number of pallets is incorrect or a reported pack list is incorrect. To keep the flow of information as clean as possible, pre-announcement can be removed.


Under certain conditions a created packinglist can be deleted. These conditions are:

  • The shipment has not yet received a status from the warehouse
  • It is not yet 17.00 on the scheduled delivery day

As soon as a shipment has received a status from the warehouse or it has been after 5 p.m. on the scheduled delivery day, a shipment can no longer be deleted.

To delete a shipment, choose “Shipment overview” in the Supply Chain portal.

1. Select the shipment that you want to remove

2. Click on "remove shipment"

3. Removal reason

After you choose “Remove shipment” two things happen, a text edit window opens and the “removal reason” becomes a dropdown menu.

The removal reasons are:

  • 101 – items not on stock
  • 201 – Requested by
  • 301 – Other

Select the option that best fits the reason for deletion.

You can make notes in the text box, these are not actively read out by If you would like to be contacted about a shipment please contact your contacts or Supplier Service.

4. Confirm the removal

If you confirm that the shipment can be removed a pop up will appear:

You are about to remove this shipment

Don’t arrive at the warehouse with the removed shipment as this will result in a red card. Please update the delivery date in the order and confirm to create a new shipment if needed after removing the shipment.
Are you sure you want to remove the shipment?

After confirming that the shipment has been deleted, a new status box appears in the shipment

5. New shipment

After the shipment is deleted, the shipment remains in your overview. However, all orders and products are released, so you can immediately create a new shipment based on the placed order.

The packlist number cannot be reused, for any new shipment a new unique packlist number must be provided.