Minimum order quantity and minimum order value

Below you can read how an order can comply with minimum order quantity or order value.


As a Supplier you can make agreements regarding the conditions that an order must meet by means of a minimum order quantity per item per order and/or a minimum order value.

Minimum order quantity of an item can be indicated via the offerfeed. In the offerfeed you will find the column ‘Order Quantity’. For example, if you enter 6 for an item then this item will be ordered per 6 in the standard order flow. If you wish to indicate a minimum order value, you can do this via the responsible contact person. This could be the Buyer or the Supply Chain Specialist.


If an order is received that does not meet the order quantity and/or the order value, this may be because the order originated from a manual ordering process where makes a last effort to fill an outstanding Customer order. As a Supplier, if you are unable to bundle orders then you can cancel these orders.