Faster delivery

No more queuing at the warehouse? Then use timeslotbooking!


In order to speed up the delivery to we offer the possibility of making a time slot reservation. This is mandatory and you will be actively approached about this.

The purpose of using time slot reservations is to give carriers the opportunity to book a specific time period at a distribution center in advance. For deliveries that are booked in advance by means of a time slot booking, a dock will be made available that is adjusted to the capacity. As a result, carriers no longer have to queue up and can report to the doorman.

By reserving time slots in advance, we can better tune the inbound capacity. For transporters, this will mean that:

  • On arrival at the distribution center, the driver does not have to get out at the barriers (communication takes place via the intercom)
  • Upon arrival, the doorman will grant access via intercom based on the reservation number (shipment-id) and assign a dock.
  • Capacity is planned in advance, speeding up the processing.
  • All this speeds up the throughput time of a delivery.

To book a slot time, it is important that you have an account as a carrier. You cannot book a slot time as a supplier. All carriers are requested to contact and create an account to make the reservations via the Supply Chain Portal. To create a carrier account we need the following data from your carrier:

  • Name carrier:
  • Contact name:
  • Function:
  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number:

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