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Your product range will also be offered in French-speaking Belgium via


From now on, your product range will also be offered in French-speaking Belgium via This means that you also benefit from’s larger market! It is not possible to offer your products only in Dutch-speaking Belgium.

Selling your product range in French-speaking Belgium

The starting point is that we have the same product range for all of Belgium. That is why the product range for French-speaking Belgium is equal to the product range for Dutch-speaking Belgium.

Whether an article is actually offered in French-speaking Belgium depends on the language of the product, manual and/or packaging (language attributes). This prevents that Dutch language articles (for example the Dutch Monopoly) are offered in French-speaking Belgium.

Adding new articles for Dutch & French speaking customers?

You can add articles the way you are used to. You can just add the information in Dutch. Is the article also suitable for French-speaking customers? Then an automatic translation into French is automatically made by us.

  • For selling in French-speaking Belgium, it is important that you enter the language characteristics for your article, manual and packaging correctly, so that the right articles are included in the offer.
  • These language attributes (product language, manual language and packaging language) are mandatory since 1 August 2020. You can do this in the same way as you normally submit content.
  • Please note! Language attributes have only been introduced for relevant articles. Example: for a pouch or a water bottle the language feature is not relevant and for a board game or day cream it is