Trademark registration

Do you want to be sure that your branded products are presented in the same way everywhere? That your product name, description and specifications match how you present your brand? This is possible! Register your brand and make use of this


Protect your product information for brands

Selected brand owners and official distributors have the possibility to gain control over the product information for their own branded products. This product information can then no longer be changed by a third party through product information protection. This ensures that branded products are highlighted in the same way everywhere. This is useful, because millions of customers now shop at and therefore also come into contact with branded products. Currently, only the product description, title and specifications are protected. The same is true for images, however, other providers can still add them as well.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Regular checks on product information are a thing of the past.
  • Your brand is highlighted everywhere in the same way, making it logically presented.
  • Your registration as a brand owner enables us to act more quickly in case of problems.

How to know if this is something for you

Protection of product information has its advantages. Just keep in mind that product information that you have ever provided for your branded products – including product information that is not shown – will automatically appear on the website with retroactive effect. This protection of product information applies to all your branded products. So also for articles that you may not sell yourself anymore, but other parties do. This product information must also be current and correct.

When is product information protection not a useful option for you? If the product information that was once submitted to is not up to date and you have no room to update it. It is therefore possible, for example, that titles from two years ago are shown, if this is the last title that was delivered from your supplier account.

Here is what you need to do

The items are offered according to our standard brand guidelines, with the following conditions being the 3 most important ones:

  1. EAN – Every branded article should have an EAN number. This EAN number must be registered with GS1 in the name of the brand owner. This number ensures that the article is unique compared to another article.
  2. Trademark register – A branded article may only be offered if it is actually a branded article. In other words: an article of a brand that is registered with BOIP, under the class that belongs to the product type. The BOIP trademark register can also contain a reference to the WIPO (internationally recognised) or EUIPO (European recognised) register. This reference is also sufficient.
  3. Visibility of brand – The brand can be seen on the original product packaging or on the item itself. It is also visible on one or more product images on the product page.

How to sign up

  1. Check that all product information for your items is current and correct.
  2. Please fill in the registration form below.
  3. If you are an official distributor, the Bill of Authority must be signed by the trademark owner and yourself. Upload this in the registration form.
  4. Indicate if you want to use protection over your product information.
  5. You will receive confirmation within 5 working days and you are all set!

Do you still have questions about this? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us.

Frequently asked questions

How can I be sure that I am a brand owner and can use product information protection?
  • You are a trademark owner and you have been registered with the BOIP trademark register. This register may also contain a reference to the WIPO (internationally recognised) or EUIPO (European recognised) register, this reference is also sufficient.
  • You are an official distributor and can prove it by having the Brand Builder sign our Bill of Authority. Upload the Bill of Authority signed by you and the Brand Builder during the registration process.
Can several distributors share the rights for one brand?

It is not possible to divide the product information rights among several distributors. This means that only one Bill of Authority per brand owner can be valid.

Can I offer my items with only Class 35 as a trademark?

No, class 35 is only suitable for offering services. In order to use protection for product information and to register as a trademark, you must register all classes for the items you sell. Not sure about this? Please contact your trademark office.

What product information is protected?

At the moment, the product description, title and specifications are protected. In the future, the product images will be added.

Can I also protect my product images?

For now, we are very happy that we can already do this first step and product description, title and specifications can be protected. On the back end, we are working on making this possible for product images as well. The expectation is to make this possible before the end of the year. As soon as it is, we will let you know.

What happens if I do not comply with the conditions for trademark registration?

When you register your brand with, you agree to the conditions and indicate that you meet the requirements. If, in practice, this turns out not to be the case, this can of course have consequences for the cooperation in the field of product information. In addition, policy points may be deducted on the basis of the nature of the breach.

Does registration in the trademark database prevent other sellers from selling my trademark?

No, third parties can still sell your trademark. The trademark registration only ensures that your product information is protected on

My trademark registration is about to expire, what should I do before my registration expires?

A trademark registration with BOIP is valid for 10 years, but you can extend the registration for an unlimited number of 10-year periods. More information can be found at here.

How much time will it take to process my application?

This takes about 5 working days.

The product information for my (brand) items has been changed, my old product information is suddenly visible. How is that possible?

From now on official distributors and brand owners have the right to protect their product information for third parties. This means that you also have the first right to provide product information for your branded products on As a result, your previously entered product information will be visible again. An excellent opportunity to check the product information, and make use of this advantage. still retains the right to change product information as stated in the general Terms and Conditions..

Can other parties still sell my item?

Yes, protection for product information only affects the product information. This does not give you the exclusive right to offer articles.

Why is the product information not coming through for my pack size?

If you send your items via Logistics via or if they were ever sent via Logistics via, the product specifications ‘Length’, ‘Width’ and ‘Height’ are set by our warehouse and can therefore not be adjusted. Please contact Partnerservice if this needs to be changed.