New offerfeed template

We have made some change to our offerfeed. On this page you can see the changes compared to the previous offerfeed.

Name changes

Two columns have a changed name.

New information

Information about backorders:

With the new columns about backorders, you can share information about products you are expecting to receive in your warehouse.

Information over shipping units

With the new columns about shipping units, you can share information about the number of products per carton, pallet layer, pallet or truck.

Providing offers for multiple catalogues

By using the ‘Catalog’ column you can provide update offers for multiple catalogues. This way you can update offers per catalogue on different times.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new offerfeed template

When can I start using the new template?

  • You can start right away by downloading the new template, adding the new information and upload them via the Portal. If you have automated the uploads you will need to change your script first. If you want to use the ‘catalog’ functionality, please contact suppliers service first.

Until when can I use the old template?

  • We ask our suppliers to switch before the 1st of September.