Data visuals!

Now you can get a clear overview of your data at one glance!


As of today, we have added visuals to the data. We want to give you a clear overview of the data you have access to. This data can be found in the supplier portal.

These visuals are based on a part of the data in your report and will give you an overview of the trends in your data. This can be a graphic or a top 10 list.

For the full data you can click through to the detail page per report to view and download the full data as before.

The intention is that every report will be extended with this. The visuals that came live today are: On Time in Full, Sales Forecast and the Commercial report. In the course of time, we will expand this for all reports.

Below is an example of how the visuals will be shown in the portal from now on.

Please note! If you are not yet able to view the commercial report, you can request it via your buyer.