Adding multiple images at once

On this page you can read all about how to add multiple images at once.

How do I add multiple images at once?

Excel allows you to add many images at once. Before you start, you will need an image URL for each individual photo. This is a link that refers to a specific image and can be created in two ways:

  1. Via your own website
    Place the image on your own website and right-click on the image. Depending on your browser or operating system you can now copy the link directly; in some cases you may need to go to ‘Properties’ first. You can then use this link.
  2. Via an image hosting site
    These are websites where you can place (free) images. Your image will be linked to a link that you can use to add images to the product information page. Examples of image hosting sites that you can use for this are: Google Foto’sMijnAlbumImgur en Flickr. Please note that these websites are only suggestions. We have no substantive knowledge of the operation of these websites. Their use is therefore at your own risk.

A number of conditions apply to image URLs:

  • Image URLs can be recognised by their extension, i.e. at the end of the URL. This should end in: .jpg, .jpeg or .png.
  • Shortened URLs are not accepted.
  • It is not possible to use a Dropbox URL for adding images. Dropbox does not facilitate the use of these URLs as images, which will result in error messages.

Make sure your URL refers to the image itself and not to the page where the image is located.

Adding images via Excel

1. Go to your offer

In the supplier portal, click on “Artikelen” at the top.

2. Select the items

On this page, select the articles to which you want to add images.

3. Download the Excel file

Click on “upload product informatie” and download the file under “download hier“.

4. Enter image URLs

Copy the direct link of the images and add them to your content template. You can define your own header, you can match it later with the headers of  (Look here for more information)

For example:

  • Main image
  • Additional image
  • In the additional images you can add for example more url’s by separating them with the ; sign.

Images must comply with a number of specifications:

  • The file size is a minimum of 30 KB and a maximum of 10 MB.
  • The image must be at least 500×500 pixels and no more than 6000×6000 pixels. White spaces in images do not count towards the set minimum and maximum pixels.
  • The zoom function, which makes details of an article visible, works with images with a minimum size of 1200×1200 pixels.
  • Preference for a white background.
  • CMYK colours are not accepted.

If the images do not comply with the minimum or maximum values mentioned above, an error message will be displayed. In addition, each image undergoes a number of optimisations before appearing on the platform. These optimisations are:

  • White spaces are automatically trimmed.
  • The quality is optimised for the platform. As a result, the loading time remains limited and the customer experiences a high speed in the loading of the pages. This may affect the colour fidelity and sharpness of the image(s).
  • If a duplicate is detected, this image will not be loaded. A duplicate is a one-to-one copy.