Change product information

On this page you can read everything about changing product information, the options and the quality of your product information.

Product information level

When improving or adding to product information via the content flow, you can recognize the different levels by the following colors:

  • Red: minimum information to get your product online
  • Yellow: for additional information
  • Green: for optional information
  • Gray fields: Non-editable fields have a gray background, e.g. the EAN

Do you see a field with a red border? Then there is probably an incorrect value in this field. When you move your cursor over the field, a message indicates what is wrong or what information is needed.

If you supply information via Excel, you can recognize these levels by the following colours:

  • White: minimum product information required to put your item on sale.
  • Yellow: essential information to make your item findable via
  • Green: important and additional information for customers who are looking for information about the product.
  • Black: this information is not processed, because it is not relevant to the item (therefore cannot be modified).
  • Grey: product information about this item is known at Adding information is possible, but will only be processed when it improves the quality of the existing product information. It is therefore not always possible to adjust this.

Can you change existing product information?

Each article has its own product page. If you are selling an article that is also sold by other Suppliers, you share the product page. In order to show the best product information on that page, it is possible to change existing product information. It is important to know a few things:

  • It can take up to 8 hours for the change in your information to become visible on
  • It is possible that changes to articles where several Suppliers are involved will not be visible. In that case, a combination of product information from other Suppliers is chosen. You will be informed about this on the feedback pages.
  • The product information can also be changed by other Suppliers. Such a change is made when it is relevant for the Customer. The exception here is brand ownership.

How would you like to change your product information?

Item by item
Do you want a clear overview of which information is still needed per article, or do you just want to see and/or update the product information of one article? Then you can easily do this via the content manager.

In the Content Flow
The content flow allows you to upload product information for multiple items at once. Via an Excel file in the portal, you can complete the content for multiple products at once. Missing information will automatically lead you to the bulk editor.

In Bulk via the bulk editor
To add product information for 2 or more items, it is best to choose this option. We show the existing product information in an online editor. It has many of the same advantages as Excel. You can easily drag information from one cell to another. This is useful if you want to fill several cells with the same product information. This process also gives you clear insight into which product information is still needed to get the product online.