Product information not being published

You cannot see the articles in the Supplier Portal. This may be due to the reasons below.

Publishing online

Publishing product information online can be done in two ways:

  • available in the Supplier Portal
  • available on the website

Available in the Supplier Portal

To be able to offer content, you first need a valid offer. An offer must be submitted via the offer feed. You do this via the supplier portal or FTPS server.

The content we get from the offer feed is the product classification (in the portal ‘Product Group’) and the title. When you offer a new product in the offer feed, we adopt these two values for the content. In order to always use the correct product classifications in the offer feed, we advise you to request the most recent list of classifications from your contact at


A product classification must be identical to the classifications defined in the list (case sensitive). You can search the list within your shop category. If you cannot find a suitable classification, please contact your Content Specialist. He or she can give you advice.

The list of product classifications is updated regularly. It may happen that the existing product range has been reclassified in the meantime and that a classification in your offer feed is no longer valid. This will not affect existing products, but you should use the latest classification from the list for similar new products.

Available on the website

To see the products online on the website, the minimum product information must be entered in the Supplier Portal.

There are three ways to add product information via the portal. The options are:

These three options are explained in the manual: ‘New Supplier – 2020′
Manuals can be found in the Supplier Portal.

Product information roadmap
  • 1 - First submit a valid offer with the offerfeed
  • 2 - Add product information via the supplier portal