Automatic offer feed

Is it too labour-intensive to manually upload an offer feed? Then automate!

Suppliers have the option to upload the offer feeds automatically on our server using login data they receive from Supplier Service.

The link must be arranged by the Supplier. Both file types (.xlsx & .txt) can be provided automatically.

– The offer feed should be uploaded to the FTPS server of
– The processing of the offer feed takes +/- 30 minutes. We therefore recommend that the automatic offer feed is not provided more than once an hour.

Delivery frequency differs per type of Supplier:

– For stock-only Suppliers, we expect a weekly offer feed, taking into account the order days of your Supply Chain Specialist.
– For cross-dock Suppliers, we expect a daily automated offer feed (on working days, at least three times a day), so that we can guarantee good reliability of supply to our Customers.