A/B testing to improve product information


We work on improvements every day, to make the customer experience even better and increase sales opportunities. To find out how to do it even better, tests are carried out regularly. These are the tests that are being done now.

Conversion is often the focus of testing. Conversion is the percentage of customers who view an article and then order it. The higher this percentage, the more you sell! By means of A/B testing, we examine how we can increase the conversion on bol.com.

What is an A/B test?

With an A/B test, an expectation is tested using two different versions. One half of the customers are shown version A, the other half are shown version B. The customer behaviour in both versions are compared to see which version results in the highest conversion. At the end of the A/B test, it is determined which version gave the best results and therefore whether the expectations were correct.

What A/B tests are there now?

For up to date information on A/B testing, visit this page.